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Are you an Art Therapy professional considering quantitative research? Are you an Art Therapy student working on research project? This page is for you!
We are here to guide you through all phases of research process, in particular quantitative/statistical analysis and interpretation.
Research and Statistics help for Art Therapy Professionals
Here is a webinar "Introduction to Research for Art Therapy Professionals". This is a first one in a series of webinars designed specifically for art therapy students and professionals who are interested in learning more about quantitative research.

In this webinar you will learn about quantitative research, typical steps/phases of research project, various design types commonly used in research. You will know elements of good research, difference between descriptive and inferential statistics, and how to interpret results in published articles. The webinar will provide a foundation, basic terminology and understanding of a research process. If you ever considered doing your own research or wondered how quantitative research is done, then this is a webinar for you!

We hope you enjoyed this webinar and we want to hear from you!
Tell us what you think about research in art therapy field, perhaps you have suggestions for future webinar topics (that would be of interest to you and can help you in research journey)?
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Here are some useful resources from the webinar. This is a list of journals that publish art therapy related research:
  • Canadian Art Therapy Association Journal (official journal of CATA)
  • Journal of Creativity in Mental Health
  • Arts & Health
  • The Arts in Psychotherapy
  • Art Therapy (Journal of the American Art Therapy Association)
  • International Journal of Art Therapy
  • Journal of Clinical Art Therapy

    Here is PDF version of the Research Journey roadmap for art therapy researchers.
    Here are slides from 2019 BAAT/AATA research conference masterclass Conducting Research in the Field of Art Therapy for art therapy researchers.
    Here are slides from 2019 CATA conference presentation on Quantitatie Research Writing for art therapy researchers.
    This is a great book about the history of statistics The Lady Tasting Tea: How Statistics Revolutionized Science In The Twentieth Century

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