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Are you having difficulty understanding statistics or probability? Do you need help with assignments, preparing for an exam/test, or reviewing material? Are you looking for assistance with a statistical term project or a research paper? I can help and guarantee results!
Courses in Statistics and Research Methods
Below is the list of courses that I have tutored students in the past:

STA220, STA221, STA225, STA250, PSY202, ECO220, SOC202, SWK4506, SWK6301, POL218, POL242, POL2504, IRE2001, IRE2002, GGR270, EXS5515, RSM1382, APD1287
Dental school biostats courses: DEN1015H, DEN1040H, DEN1040Y
QMS102, QMS130, QMS202, QMS204, QMS442, QMS521, CQMS102, CQMS202, GMS401, CNUR860, ACS401, as well as finance course FIN300
ECON3210, PSYC2020, PSYC2021, PSYC2022, PSYC3010, PSYCH6180, ADMS2320, ADMS3330, NURS2300, PPAL6200
OMIS5120 BUSI344, BUSI444
STAT890, PHS605, MSCI609 SOC2205, SOC2206
PSYC301, MMA823, MMA860, MMA861, MMA865, MFIN827, STAT263, MBUS862, MBUS821 EPIB603
QU1 API202
MBA506, MBA507 EDS522
MATH215, MATH216 BU609

If you do not see your course listed above, do not hesitate to send me a course description. I will most likely be able to help.

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