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Are you an Osteopathy student working on graduation research THESIS/PROPOSAL? Do you need HELP?
We can help with your research project and take the stress away!
Osteopathy research
We can assist with ALL phases of research project:
  • research proposal (study design, statistical methodology, sample size calculation, independent/dependent variables, randomization and blinding)
  • developing research questions and hypotheses based on study objectives
  • defining sampling techniques and strategies to recruit participants
  • organizing data collection
  • conducting statistical data analysis
  • interpretation of results, discussion
  • research paper formatting / editing (APA)
  • preparing for jury/oral defense

    Ongoing coaching, tutoring, guidance, support and statistical consulting.
    Familiar with Canadian Colleage of Osteopathy (CCO) requirements and frequent guest lecturer for research methods course.
    Experience with all types of studies: qualitative, quantitative, case series, RCT, crossover, reliability/validation, osteopathy palpation studies and meta-analysis.
    Our consultants are published authors in variety of fields: medicine, psychology, health economics, geriatrics.

    I regularly conduct workshops during Research Days at CCO campuses accross Canada. Below are upcoming presentations and PDF files with lecture slides from past presentations:
    2023 Mar: CCO Toronto
    2022 May: CCO Winnipeg
    2022 May: CCO Toronto
    2020 Apr: CCO Vancouver
    2020 Feb: CCO Toronto
    2020 Jan: CCO Toronto
    2019 Nov: CCO Halifax
    2019 May: CCO Vancouver
    2019 Feb: CCO Toronto
    2018 Sep: CCO Winnipeg
    2018 Sep: CCO Toronto
    2018 Feb: CCO Toronto

  • Flexible hours
    Available any time on weekdays, evening and weekends.

    Consulting modes
    Available for consultations in-person or remotely (email/Zoom/phone).

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