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Are you having difficulty understanding statistics or probability? Do you need help with assignments, preparing for an exam/test, or reviewing material? Are you looking for assistance with a statistical term project or a research paper? I can help and guarantee results!
Rates for undegraduate students
Tutoring students for undegraduate-level statistics courses (one-on-one or small groups, in person or via Zoom) - $100/hour plus HST
Payment can be made by eTransfer, PayPal or cash.
Note: Students with disabilities may qualify to get a refund of tutoring fees from the Government (WSIB). I will provide appropriate documents/receipts.
Rates for researchers and graduate-level students
One-on-one consultation or small group of researchers - $140/hour plus HST
Payment can be made by eTransfer, PayPal, cheque or cash.
Rates for analytics and statistical business consulting
Business statistical consulting - $140/hour plus HST
Payment can be made by eTransfer, PayPal, cheque or cash at the end of consulting engagement.
Transportation fee
Additional transportation fee applies if in-person session is conducted outside downtown Toronto area - $20-$50 per session depending on location.
Online payment options
I accept the following options for payment or online consultation:
Interac e-Transfer If you have an account with a Canadian financial institution (e.g. CIBC, TD, RBC Scotia Bank, etc.), you can use Interac eTransfer as an easy and secure way to pay online. Please send eTransfer payments to (this email has auto-deposit configured).
Paypal Payments PayPal is free, secure and easy way to make payments online without sharing your personal information. You can use a credit card or bank account as your source of funds.
Square payments

We accept major credit card payments online or in-person.
Square is a secure payment processing engine that allows you to pay with the credit card. This could be done in person by swiping a card through Square card reader or paying invoice online by entering card information manually.
Flexible hours
Available any time on weekdays, evening and weekends.

Convenient locations
Downtown Toronto, anywhere in GTA, or online.

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