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Are you having difficulty understanding statistics or probability? Do you need help with assignments, preparing for an exam/test, or reviewing material? Are you looking for assistance with a statistical term project or a research paper? I can help and guarantee results!
Services for researchers
Researchers often face the task of using appropriate statistical method to support their research questions and findings. I can help during all stages of the research project, big or small: experiment planning and design, choosing and understanding methodology and statistical tests, selecting appropriate sample size, collecting and preparing data, models development, performing analysis using statistical packages, and describing the results in APA format. My students find that consulting with a statistics expert before, during, and after their research project greatly improves the quality and credibility of the final paper.
Good research must address several areas such as sampling, external and internal validity, measurement reliability and validity. Incorporating statistical principles at the early design stages of the experiment or survey usually results in a straightforward and less expensive analysis with clearly defined outcomes.
A list of statistical concepts and topics that I provide help with is available here.

In the past, I have helped researchers in various fields and levels (including MA and PhD). Below is a list of some research initiatives where I have been involved at various capacities:
  • Analysing gas station price difference between weekends and weekdays
  • Analyzing hospital re-admission data and finding influential factors that correlate with re-admission rates
  • Analyzing results from an animal study of fat embolisms using AVONA techniques
  • Consulting a PhD student in experiment design and data analysis of human brain activity
  • Analyzing data claiming that ball hockey reduces cardiovascular risk factors
  • Consulting DBA (Doctor of Business Administration) candidate regarding an approach in analyzing the effectiveness of corporate green initiatives
  • Helping a PhD candidate in Epidemiology to analyze disease information
  • Analyzing surveys to study the usage of child car seats
  • Helping a PhD candidate to approach a study of patterns in industrial innovation
  • Performing a multiple regression analysis to establish factors driving the production volume in the Canadian oil sands sector
    I offer one-on-one and group consultations that are flexible in duration and frequency, mostly in the evenings and weekends. During the session, we can review your research project, discuss any challenges you are experiencing, review the approach and statistical methodology being utilized, run statistical tests, and interpret results.
    The sessions typically take place in the downtown Toronto area (libraries, coffee shops, university buildings or my home in the Yonge and College area). I can certainly accommodate other meeting locations that may be more convenient for you (including your home)/ however, depending on the location, an additional fee may be added to cover transportation expenses. I am also available for sessions conducted via phone, Skype, or email.
    The statistical software packages that I am familiar with include Excel, SPSS (I am IBM SPSS Certified), Minitab, G*Power, PHStat, R, and STATA.
    Current rates and details regarding scheduling a consultation session can be found here.

  • Flexible hours
    Available any time on weekdays, evening and weekends.

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