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Are you having difficulty understanding statistics or probability? Do you need help with assignments, preparing for an exam/test, or reviewing material? Are you looking for assistance with a statistical term project or a research paper? I can help and guarantee results!
Services for students
Do not panic if you are taking a statistics course and are having a hard time understanding the material or concepts. I can help you succeed! Statistics can be a challenging subject since new concepts are built on previously learned ones; therefore, many students find that having a tutor's support while taking statistics helps to keep up with the material and have a better understanding of the various topics.
Your success in a course and confidence with statistics is my top priority. One of my major strengths is my ability to explain complex concepts in a simple and understandable manner. With my help, the large majority of my students achieve high marks on their exams and research papers.
I tutor students at all educational levels: college, university, undergraduate, graduate (MA, PhD), and post-graduate. I am also familiar with statistical courses at various universities: University of Toronto, York University, Athabasca University, University of Western Ontario, and many others. The full list of courses I tutored in the past can be found here. For example, I have taught and tutored Basic and Advanced Statistics, Quantitative Decision Making, Business Statistics, Biostatistics, Research Methods and Experiment Design, Statistics for Social Studies, etc.
A complete list of statistical concepts and topics that I provide help with is available here.
I offer one-on-one private tutoring sessions as well as small group consultations that are flexible in duration and frequency, mostly in the evenings and weekends. During the session, we review the material being studied in class (I often explain the concepts in a simpler way), complete practice questions and exercises, discuss assignments and course projects, and prepare for upcoming quizzes, tests, and exams.
The sessions typically take place in the downtown Toronto area (libraries, coffee shops, university buildings, or my home in the Yonge and College area). I can certainly accommodate other meeting locations that may be more convenient for you (including your home). However, depending on the location, an additional fee may be added to cover transportation expenses. I am also available for sessions conducted via phone, Skype, or e-mail. On the weekends, sessions can take place in the Southwest Ontario region (Durham area, Hamilton, Kitchener, Waterloo).
The statistical software packages that I am familiar with include Excel, SPSS (I am IBM SPSS Certified), Minitab, G*Power, PHStat, R, and STATA.
I can also help with assignments and guarantee high marks and confidentiality.
Current rates and details on how to arrange a study session can be found here.

Flexible hours
Available any time on weekdays, evening and weekends.

Convenient locations
Downtown Toronto, anywhere in GTA, or online.

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