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Are you having difficulty understanding statistics or probability? Do you need help with assignments, preparing for an exam/test, or reviewing material? Are you looking for assistance with a statistical term project or a research paper? I can help and guarantee results!
Testimonials from past students
"Anton has provided incredible support for reviewing a wide breadth of challenging statistical concepts. I turn to Anton when I need a review, or to give guidance and context to topics, provide tips and tricks for what topics I can expect in the future to give a sense of relevance to what otherwise feel like odd topics at the time. Anticipating what comes next gives focus to where it is needed and relevance to gaining knowledge in these areas, and Anton has the knowledge to marry the gaps between them. I really appreciate those bits a lot. Anton also gives a lot of effort and patience in describing and breaking down these ideas with me. It means a lot to have someone help me, and then to go above and beyond. He's a great person and has a great sense of humor. I had a blast during my reviews with him."
Ron H, University of Toronto

"As an artist and art therapist, statistical data can feel quite intimidating and unfamiliar. I am so incredibly grateful to Anton who patiently and respectfully sat down with me to analyze the statistical data I collected to complete my thesis. Not only was he very professional and detailed in his analysis, but he took the time to explain everything thoroughly, giving me confidence in understanding the results and engaging in meaningful conversation about the findings. I am sincerely grateful to Anton for making quantitative statistics accessible to me, educating me in the basics of how to interpret data, and providing me with rich results for my thesis. I could not have completed this project as successfully without his help, and have already recommended his services to colleagues."
Laura S, Toronto Art Therapy Institute

"I want to thank Anton and acknowledge his help with statistical analysis using IBM SPSS Version 24 software to make sense out of raw data that I had collected through a web-based questionnaire survey for my PhD research. Without his help, it would have been challenging for me to complete data analysis in a very short period. I found him extremely knowledgeable about the software. His ability to understand my research, and work through the analysis in a very organized and time-bound manner impressed me. His written and verbal communication skill is commendable. He can explain the results in a very succinct way. He doesn't hesitate at all from explaining all steps right from data entry into the software to computing and presenting the statistical results. He gets my highest recommendation for anyone who needs help with statistical analysis."
Naveen G, SKEMA Business School

"I couldn't have succeeded in Stats or Corporate Finance without Anton's help. He offers great suggestions and explanations that a textbook just can't provide. He is a great teacher and will ensure you are 'exam ready' for your course! I love the fact he is flexible with his schedule and is always fast on his response time. I'd recommend Anton to anyone having challenges in any finance or 'math' related subject. Well worth it!"
David G, Dalhousie University

"Anton was in fact instrumental in my final mark of A+, despite struggling with the same course the year prior (even with the services of a tutor/former U of T Prof., who unfortunately did not make the content any easier to comprehend). Anton on the other hand, was very patient and accommodating/flexible, and he made a sincere effort to help me understand the subject matter on my terms. It was a pleasure working with him. (He almost made Stats enjoyable - and since I hate math, that really says something!) I can guarantee you that you will not be disappointed with Anton's tutoring services - and I know my fellow classmates who worked with him felt the same way."
Rosanne D, York University

"I just wanted to write to you to thank you for all of your help last month with my statistics course. I sure did come to you knowing nothing, and you really helped me figure things out. I actually ran out of time writing the exam, so I wasn't able to get as many marks as I could have, but the good news is that despite losing 20% because I couldn't complete the exam in time, I still managed to pass with a fairly decent mark. What a relief!!! Thank you again for all of your effort, I couldn't have done it without you."
Melanie B, University of Toronto

"Thank you so much for your help before the exam. I couldn't have done it without you. I will definitely be seeing you for Stats II."
Adam P, York University

"I am pleased with the assignment mark and will be in touch. Thanks for your help I couldn't have done it without you."
Howard C, University of British Columbia

"You helped me out way more than I could have imagined so I could not have done all this without you!"
Jenny S, Laurentian University

"Indeed, I learned lots new - at least now I know what beginners Stats is all about, thanks to your very humane, well rounded explanations - Many thanks. You are an exceptional teacher! Thank you, I could not have done it without you."
Kapka P, State University of New York

"Anton is highly knowledgeable in the field of Statistics. He also has the ability to explain concepts into a very simple format. I did very well in my statistics course as a result of the help I got from Anton. He is very professional, very flexible with his schedule and very efficient in how he teaches the material. I highly recommend his services"
Joseph, MBA candidate, Toronto

"Anton is a total lifesaver! When my thesis supervisor turned out to be a total dud, I figured there was no way I would ever graduate. But Anton's expertise, patience, and calm demeanour ensured that my complicated data were sorted out, appropriately analyzed, and properly submitted. Without Anton, I would have never received my Master's!"
Jocelyn M, Toronto

"Anton, I just wanted to let you know that I passed stats with 83%! I honestly could not have done it without you. You are an amazing tutor and I thank you so much for taking time to meet up and help me. Again, your help made me feel confident that I would pass. Thanks a lot!"
Taylor F, Queen's University

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